Simple Be.
Handmade in Italy by happy people.

The Simple Be project stems from the friendship between three designers, Elisabetta Coccioni, Martina Fagiani and Andrea Gross Gaiani, and their desire to create a timeless and unique accessory. Simple Be BASIC is handmade in Italy, using the highest quality materials with respect for the environment and local traditions. 

A bag for everyday life, which is able to adapt to different lifestyles and express individual personality.
Made to last, Simple Be has been updated and put to the test during its development. It has survived Danish winters and Italian summers, proving the great potential of the skilful combination of design, high quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

Simple Be is simple by nature!
A comfortable and functional bag with a clean and elegant design based on simple, balanced lines.
Its compact volume and sharp geometry are discreet yet versatile, adapting to many contexts.

Each bag is crafted entirely by hand in Monte Urano, a small town nestled in the beautiful hills of the Marche. This region is known for the expert craftsmanship in leather-working, where expert artisans honour tradition and provide in-depth knowledge of the materials employed, combining traditional methods with state of the art manufacturing technology.
Simple Be is manufactured using a naturally soft, unsanded and unpolished full-grain leather (the finest selection of hides). This process preserves the grain surface and original features of leather, including durability and breathability properties.
We employ semi-vegetable-tanned leather. This manufacturing process guarantees a low environmental impact (many less heavy metals are employed during tanning) and a lower risk for allergies.

Attention to quality, materials, and traditional processing techniques ensure a final product that ages without tarnish, becoming a unique, recognizable and personal object by absorbing the traces of our daily lives.
Reinforced stitching on the handle and straps guarantees maximum endurance even when the bag is overloaded.